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what is UDS in apartment ?

UDS stands for Undivided Share in a property, and it refers to the share of the common areas and facilities of an apartment building or a residential complex that is allocated to an individual apartment owner.

When you purchase an apartment in a residential complex, you are essentially buying a portion of the land on which the building is constructed. The UDS is the percentage of the total land area of the property that is allocated to your apartment. It is a proportionate share of the total land area of the property, which is calculated based on the carpet area of your apartment.

The UDS is important because it determines the owner's rights and obligations in relation to the common areas of the property. It also determines the owner's share in the maintenance and repair costs of the common areas, including the elevators, lobby, staircases, and other facilities provided in the building.

The UDS is typically mentioned in the property documents, including the sale agreement and the deed of conveyance. It is an essential document for property buyers as it specifies the owner's share in the common areas and facilities, which can affect the value of the property in the long run.

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